Our New Look

The old look is out the new look is in. We needed to simplify the site as we prepare to place the articles and pix we have been stockpiling in our virtual warehouse.

There will be band features on our Latin Rock outfit Vicia Faba. Graheme Wilson has returned to an album project and we are looking forward to release of something that we expected to hear ten years ago!

Sounds are the reason we exist so there will be places to listen to new music and old favourites.

Leave a comment and let us know what we want to see and hear from us.

Welcome to Yew Tree Music

We make music our way.

It seems like a long time ago that we decided to start our own record company. Now, over 24 years later we can look back at all we have achieved. We also look forward to producing new albums by the Latin-Rock band Vicia

There is plenty to look forward to and you will find updates on our site. Keep checking.

We like to hear from other record companies and artists with their unique take on the music business